A360X Tuna Sun - Controllable LED Light - Kessil

A360X Tuna Sun - Controllable LED Light - Kessil

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Kessil A360X LED lights cover more of your tank while blending better than almost any other LED available. Using Kessil Logic, tuning the light for optimal plant growth and coloration is easy since the A360X will automatically adjust to a balanced spectrum for the light color that you want to see. 

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 4.3" x 2.1" / 11 cm x 5.3cm

Unit Weight: 0.8lb / 0.37kg

Spectrum: 6000K to 9000K 

Power Adapter: 100-240V AC (input) 19V DC (output)

Power Consumption: 90W max

 What's Included?

1x A360X Tuna Sun

1x Power Adapter

1x AC Adapter Cable

1x DC Extension Cable

1x Hanging Ring

2x Metal Screw Hook

2x Hanging Bracket