ROWAphos GFO Phosphate Removal Media (250g)

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Rowaphos is the leading phosphate removal media for marine and reef aquariums. Rowaphos will not leach any phosphates back into the water.

RowaPhos is a unique man made ferric hydroxide material specifically produced for efficient removal of phosphates, arsenic and silicates from fresh and salt water, having initially been developed in
Germany for treating mains water supplies. As such it should not be confused with natural materials, which are generally based on aluminium oxide, (zeolite).

RowaPhos is manufactured using a Patented process which makes it physically and chemically completely different to the vast array of other iron based media which have sprung up to ride on the success of the Rowa product. Most of these products are iron oxide based and have a higher capacity for phosphate than aluminium based medias but do not touch the engineered properties of RowaPhos.